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Beware of Free Food and reminiscent posts

Yeesh. I had some pizza yesterday. It was supposed to be veggie but it had somehow been contaminated with Beef. I've spent the last day and a half with uhm, let's say "extreme gastric distress" and leave it at that. Spent much of my time in the bathroom and recovering from being in the bathroom. One positive point on this is that I've finished this month's book for rainydayreaders.
So, here I was, innocently reading my friends lists, marking those that I will be answering later. (No, the marking is not part of the wolf personality.) Then I come across a post where a friend talks about listening to the song "Separate Ways" by Journey. This was sent me off on a reminiscent ride. That song came out when I had a nasty breakup and it affect me a lot then. I hadn't realized that it would affect me so much now.
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