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Random thoughts on photography

  • I was going through the about 2000 photos that I've taken with the Nikon 775 for a friend of mine, looking for pictures representative of Seattle that didn't include the Space Needle. I was unsurprised but amused that 80–90% of the photos were of people. I think I need to practice landscape photography more. The results of the Seattle scanning were these twelve pictures.
  • As I'm learning more about the Nikon D70-S, I'm realizing that while I have an intellectual grasp on Depth of View, I don't really have a good intuitive feel for it. In other words, I can tell you what is supposed to happen if I think about it but I don't know enough to use it yet. I do finally understand front and rear flash sync now though.
  • As I read about lenses and such, I'm coming to think "lens" when I hear the world "glass". This has all sorts of amusing mis-matches.
Tags: photography, seattle
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