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Dungeons and such.

I have wandered the dungeon of wolfieboy and lo, I was amused by the treasure that I found. It included the Armour of Touch, the Axe of Hugs, and the Swords of "friendly" and Yay!.
In full, I scored 774 points and looted two Amulets of Hot Tubs, the Armour of Bailo Salsa, the Armour of Scottscidmore, the Armour of Stephanielm, the Armour of Touch, the Axe of Hugs, the Axe of Paka, the Axe of Quasilaur, the Crown of Bridgetester, the Crown of Chrisla, the Crown of Lunasmiles, the Crown of Placesyouhaunt, the Crown of Radarrider, the Crown of Shuttercrow, the Dagger of Kitten Dreams, the Dagger of Ladeelucifer, the Dagger of Secretblonde, a Figurine of Amazonpriestess, a Figurine of Mehitabel1, the Sceptre of Blackavar, the Sceptre of Cassielsander, the Sceptre of Flirting, the Sceptre of Noralise, the Shield of Gcuvier, the Shield of Shadesong, the Shield of a Lost Marianne, the Sword of "friendly", the Sword of Polysensuality, the Sword of Rubenesque, the Sword of Yay!, the Wand of Physics, and 74 gold pieces.
Tags: games, leme
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