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Reading and getting involved in books

When I read a book, I tend to get very involved in the book that I'm reading. Whatever the characters are, I get involved in an empathic way and the best books make me feel like I'm -in- the book. There have been some books where I've been sure that I saw the movie of the book or the events actually happened. After re-watching the first Dune movie, I confirmed that a scene I was sure of did not actually take place. About ninety minutes after reading Nor Crystal Tears, I realized that the events never took place.

This can be a bit of a problem sometimes when I already have some tendencies in the direction that that protaganist is going. As I mentioned before, I have been wary of reading The Speed of Dark. But I started it after Cindy said it was good. I have to be careful while reading it though since I seem to take on more autistic tendencies after reading it. I've noticed and Cindy independently also noticed. Rather interesting and something to be careful of. Good book though.
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