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ER Class; they didn't know what to do with us

One of the amusing things about the Emergency Rescuer class was that
all but one of the other students were less than half of either of our
ages. I think that if Cindy and I hadn't had the "life experience"
that we did, we never would've made it through the course. Everyone
else was either in training to be an EMT or a nurse.

They justdidn't know what to do with us though.
When we were practicing with cervical collar, I asked how it was
supposed to go around the cervix. One of the other students said,
"Did you really just say that?"
Another time, Cindy and I were victims and we were to be treated for a
stomachache and gas. Cindy was burping for them and they were all
impressed! Well, for various values of impressed. *gryn*
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