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Notes from the Universe, the website

I thought I'd hit the Note From The Universe site and see what it said to me. Sounded like a good idea, I really liked this one that I saw on a friend's journal:
Do you realize that for any dream of yours to come true, the dreams of others take huge leaps forward? Not just indirectly, but directly. People like partners, family members, your agent, your reps, your suppliers, your custom homebuilder, your publisher, and so many more. Even people you don’t yet know. Then, as their dreams advance, the dreams of their associates are advanced, and then their associates, and then theirs, and so on, and so on.

What's really cool, is that way deep down, they all know this, ahead of time, and, they all know you. In fact, whenever you dream, and move with those dreams, those among the masses whose own dreams are aligned with and compliment yours, are psychically summoned. Pacts are formed, deals are made, and coincidences calculated. Odds increase exponentially, and risks are minimized (if you believe in odds and risks). And you are propelled even further and faster by their energy as well as your own.

In fact, I was actually asked to write this “Note” to you on behalf of all those whose lives will be dramatically enhanced by your dreams coming true. Your team, as it were.

So, I'm very amused at the entry that it gave to me:
It's time you learned the truth.
Actually, you should have been told long, long ago.

You see, there was kind of a mix-up.

Things like this are never easy. But, well, to be as direct as possible...

You're not human.

Of course, you probably just think I'm being cute, but the truth, is that you are not human. Not even a little. Not one speck.

Now, before you go all ape, realize, there's a bright side to everything, and in this case,
it's blinding....

You no longer have to behave as one.


The Universe

People have been telling me that for years. But it doesn't change me. I still quack like a duck. Mostly.
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