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Kitten pictures (with a brief aside about process & my camera)

I really need to commit to some time sitting down and getting a good understanding of my workflow in dealing with pictures rather than muddling along. That's fine for 1 or 2 pictures but when there are larger sets, it's unmanageable.

Out of 32 pictures that I took, there were 8–10 that were good. To isolate them from our other animals, we took them up to our bedroom.1
At first the kittens were naturally a bit freaked by their new environment. This is natural. Only one picture from the first batch really worked:
Rope and string has a way of getting past nervousness and into play for kittens.

Cindy and I went off to have dinner and let the kittens discover their new home without interference. We went back later and they were a bit more relaxed. Simon was the most adventurous although as I came down to play with the photos, Zoe was checking out the top of the bed. Yay. I chose six of the photos, uploaded them to Flickr, and put them into a set:

1. The bedroom used to be kitaya's exclusive domain and we never got around to changing that. Serves us well now.
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