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Free Hugs Campaign in Seattle?

People might have seen this very nifty/fun/inspiring video around on their friends page: Free Hugs Campaign (YouTube link). Possibly even seen it multiple times.
I did some looking around and according to the Sydney Morning Herald, it is real rather than just a music video. Amusingly enough, some people speculated on it being fake but inspiring nonetheless. smiley

What would folks think of doing something like that here in the Seattle area?

For those that didn't look at the video or read the article. The idea would be to have a sign that says "Free Hugs" filling about a 3'x4' white posterboard and do just that to anyone asking.
I can easily do it myself since I know that I've got a few advantages.
  1. I'm not afraid of crowds and have a good sense of self.
  2. I'm big and so people are less likely to be threatening.
  3. I'm male, at least to outward appearances, and so I'm less likely to be swarmed by those interested in more than a hug.
It's that last one that worries me the most about anyone looking female that would be involved in this. I would think it would be more balanced to have a cross representation of genders but I know that practicalities can override idealism at times.

I'm thinking that I could do this either or both on Saturday/Sunday almost anywhere in the region or my first thought was to do it during my lunchtime down at the Westlake area where the fountain is. To have any impact, I think I/we would need to do it multiple times rather than just once or twice.

The other thought that I had would be of a little card or flier that said something about the "Free Hugs Campaign" but since I don't know what I'm doing there, I'd likely not worry about it unless others were interested in such.
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