Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
Torin/Darren WhoEver

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Phonely stuff

If you're trying to call me, you may need to be persistent. The screen on my treo was cracked and I ordered a replacement screen. Being that it's the "holiday" season, this is taking a little bit. This normally wouldn't be a problem since it's a GSM phone and I can put the SIM in another phone. But there is a reason why I replaced my last phone. :) It seems to be not answering sometimes that I don't know except if I try calling and it doesn't work. It might not be just the phone though since someone at work told me they left a voicemail that I've never received. So if I don't call you back after you leave a voicemail or you don't reach me, please try again…
Tags: contact
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