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Interesting trip to pick up Cindy

I thought the drunk people weren't supposed to come out until tonight?

On my way down to pick up Cindy (cindygerb), I was rear-ended by someone. I had put on my brakes hard and we weren't going very fast so I expected the damage to be light to non-existent. We pulled off to the side and this fellow gets out of his car, very obviously drunk. He starts yelling at me, calling me all sorts of impolite things, and told me that I had stopped too quickly and that he was calling the cops. I was a bit bemused and let him do so. After he had called, he came over to yell at me and I think he might've wanted to hit me if I wasn't such a large guy. I got back in my car to wait for the police. He continued to be a traffic hazard for a little bit longer and then got in his car.

The police show up. We each relate our stories and the cop has this incredulous look on his face. He's given us each his business card and tells the drunk guy that he's going to haul drunk-guy in for DUI. Drunk-guy then proceeds to try to hit the cop. I was flabbergasted. The cop tells me that he'll mail me the traffic report since he's a bit busy right now.

This is my life at times. It's all just a bit surreal.
Tags: odd stories
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