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Finger surgery

So I had some slight swelling of my flipping finger at the beginning of the week. I didn't think much of it. I figured that I had an ingrown nail. Unfortunately, it grew worse on Thursday. The entire end of the finger become red and swollen. Not a dark angry red but swollen and tender nonetheless. It caused me problems because I don't really know my passwords, my fingers do and this finger wasn't exerting much pressure. cindygerb wanted me to go see a doctor. I scoffed. See a doctor for an ingrown nail? ludicrous.
Well, some of the people at work looked at it and went "Owww!"
At home, Cindy fixed an excellent lasagna with hot turkey sausage. It was very good, even if it took longer to cook than we expected.
So, after the lasagna, we both went off to the Grind. Cindy wore her 'nothing but lace' dress with a sleeveless sweater over that. I wore my Liquid Velvet Blue biker shorts and a dark blue silk shirt. We got there at about 10.45p and people had been concerned for us. We usually aren't this late. :)
Well, we saw many people and had agood time dancing. I only hit my finger a few times, I held an ice-cold Diet Coke to make it feel better. At one point I was sitting on the back deck surrounded by (from left to right) angilong, cindygerb, and myclaudia. Life is rough. But now all three of these nice people wanted me to go see a doctor. I promised that if soaking it in very hot water didn't do anything that I'd see a doctor on Friday.
Well, the soaking of the finger didn't do diddly. So, the next day, at lunch, I wandered off to the HealthSouth facility near my work. Unfortunately, it didn't exist anymore. I had to wait for that evening.
Well, that evening, Cindy picked me up; I dropped her at home and I hailed off to US Health at 99 & 85th. Filled out all the paperwork and went to fill out the insurance section and I didn't have my insurance card. They couldn't process me without my card. Arghhh. This was getting annoying. I made an appt for 9am the next day after I dropped Cindy off at work.
to be completed at the club while Cindy is doing her ambassador shift — Unfortunately, the net connection at the club was down, so I couldn't finish this while she did orientation.

So, I head to the clinic the next day with card and paperwork. I had this to them and they tell me that the doctor will see me "soon". I know "soon"; I came armed with Kingdoms of Light by Alan Dean Foster. By now, my finger looks like it came out of a cartoon; all blown up and all. Finally after about half-an-hour, I get called in. The nurse taking my vitals was cute with a bit of scruff to his beard. As he's doing things, he asks intelligent questions about my book and pleased, I answer him. When he went to take my BP though I stop him and have him use my left arm. The right arm would've hurt a lot.
Finally, I see the doc. He tells me that I have an infection of the cuticle, the most common hand ailment they get. He takes me in and has me lay down on the gurney, asking the nurse to get various implements. He tells me what he's going to do, namely inject either side of the base of my finger with anaesthesia. We talk about the number of nerves in the tip of the finger vs. all of the back. (about the same amount) He then tests to see if I can still feel sharp. I can, so he tells me that he needs to inject more anaesthesia. This is the first time I actually utter imprecations. Finally, I'm numb and he goes to work. I can feel odd things with my pressure nerves but I didn't want to know more. This is one of the many ways that cindygerb is more macho than I am.
So, I have a shunt installed and scrip for Cephalexin and Vicoden. As I'm leaving, I tell the receptionist that she has pretty hair. I had thought so before but I didn't say anything because I really thought her hair was pretty rather than it being a pick-up line. She still didn't know how to take it though.
I stop at Larry's Market on my way home to pick up a blueberry cream cheese danish and meet with a friend of mine. I take my gloves off to give her a hug and unfortunately, the bandage stays with the glove. Oops. So I buy the danish and head back to the clinic. They put the bandage back on quickly and I head home again.
Originally, I was going to head out to skydancer's and we were going to try to fix some loose guide wires at the back of my hat and hang out a little while Cindy was at work. I had to cancel since the finger was painful enough that it was a significant distraction from driving and taking Vicoden and driving seemed like a very bad idea. We've rescheduled that for Sunday.
I got home, took the first of the antibiotic and the painkiller. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading my book, napping, and reading livejournal. I didn't feel up to typing up this entry until much later such that I didn't have time to finish before we headed out.
I'll find out how it's doing when I go back in on Monday. I got many, many questions about it tonight at the club along with the requisite jokes about it being the flipping finger.

In other news, I'm finding it useful to scan all the way back to where I last left off in my friends list and scan forward from there. This makes much more sense when entries are part of a narrative and keeps me from missing swaths of entries. (I still haven't read entries from the 26th of October.)
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