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Safety & Caution (plus random bits for flavor)

cindygerb and I left work early so that she could make it to her physical therapy appt; this was thankfully in the direction of home. We got there at about on time and the snow had started sticking on the road. We decided that it would be better to possibly get dinged for a no-show fee than continue to be out there. Cindy wrote about this and the good food she made. Originally, I'd planned on going down to the University bookstore to pick up a book while she had her appt. This seemed like an unwise idea. We made it home easily, Cindy made food, and the puppy/dog was very glad to be inside…

Two other random bits:
  1. It seems that the ant executable at work has gone missing. It evidently likes the snow. Hopefully it will come back when the snow melts.
  2. I was very pleased to see a commercial for a gay chat line on non-late night TV. Yay!
Tags: sotc, sotw
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