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Advanced Civ Day on the 27th of January

As mentioned before, we're having Advanced Civilization Day on the 27th. We plan on gathering at noon and starting play at 1p. We'll have food and some drinks but if you want something special, you should likely bring it. If you want a refresher on the rules, you can read a text version or a PDF version. There are typos and obvious OCR artifacts but it's readable. You can see other stuff here at BoardGameGeek. I'll have card charts and cheat sheets at the game for everyone.

Right now, we have likely have six people. There are four definites, one friend of a definite, and one probably. So, we could likely fit one or two more people if you'd like. Be warned that the shortest this has ever gone is 10p.

I'm thinking that I'm getting organized enough that we -might- have this more than once a year. I think Advanced Civilization: The Expansion Project would be cool at some point. I've never found a good way to make substantial counters though. Card stock is easy. Cardboard stock seems to be pretty difficult.
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