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My finger is doing okay

So, I went in and got my finger looked at this morning. After waiting too long, the doctor pulled the bandage from my finger and exclaimed, "Oh good. It took the shunt with it. I started grinding my teeth. Then the doctor needed to probe it to make sure that it wasn't balloony anymore. I ground my teeth more. The doctor pronounced herself satisfied. It seems that it had drained appropriately although it was still a bit redder than she wanted it to be. So, if there is any red left after I finish the antibiotic course, I'm supposed to come back in.
Otherwise, I'm just supposed to soak in hydrogen peroxide or similar for fifteen minutes a day, keep neosporin on it, and put a butterfly bandage with a finger guard after I do this. Should be simply. It even no longer throbs when I leave it below my heart. It is still difficult to type though.
In other news, the doc took this opportunity to update my Tetanus shot. Considering that it was eighteen years since the last one, this was probably a good idea.
Thank you for everyone's concern.
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