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So, the cheesecake went over well. One person was amazed that this was my first time since she said that ricotta cheesecakes can easily become lumpy.
Recipe for the cheesecake: Best Ever Ricotta Cheesecake.

I noticed that my attempt to be subtle didn't work so well. But that's about my limit on subtlety. I did want to say it in a somewhat low-key fashion.

Cindy mentioned about me being less angry. I suspect that at least part of that is being able to talk about this some publicly. I like
being able to talk about things in a limited public fashion. At the same time, Cindy raises good points in her entry "Not Talking". More thought and words need to go into that.

In that line, no one was left out of the loop. The number of people that knew about this before me mentioning it in my previous entry was small (n ≤ 3 or 4). We didn't talk about it much at all and it's still very obvious that Cindy and I love each other. That can be a bit confusing in figuring out what is going on.
Tags: c&t difficulties, cooking
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