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America - Bush's Bitch

Shit. I seem to be clenching my jaw again. I have to keep reminding myself that stirring in rage won't actually accomplish anything. I'm asking other people if they've written their senators about their votes on the possibly illegal resolution that those people in Washington claiming to represent others have passed. Yes, I'm talking about the Congress passing a resolution authorizing the US to be the aggressor against Iran. Sounds like a Presumptive Strike policy.

I heard a good acronym last night from forestdweller who got it from Jello Biafra - That War Against Terrorism. Yes, Dubya is heavily involved in T.W.A.T.

I wanted to post about this last night but I couldn't. The only thing that came out was incoherent rage. I'm not sure this post is much better. But it's something. I'm sure I'll have something to say later.
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