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Further moving musings.

Last night for fire ritual, I put part of the lathe from the house into the fire as a way to let go of my attachment to the house. I'm going into searching full drive. I expect to be driving around looking at places tomorrow rather than going to the nude swim. Nude swim sounds like more fun but I've only got two weeks for the deadline.

The deadline of 1 May is more firm now since I'm looking at renting a place with rhonan. My situation might be flexible but his certainly isn't. With the two of us sharing, we can get actually get a decent house rental rather than a very nice apartment. There are much fewer houses out there for rent than apartments. This should be rather obvious but it was still startling. Hit a number of search engines and found only six; five of those were from craigslist. I used the following search criteria and eliminated the ones that sucked in terms of bus lines and those where they wanted much too much for what they were offering:
  • in Seattle
  • $1,200 – $2,000
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • allows cats, allows dogs
We'll see how this works out. Both of us are rather easy going and un-picky on many things, so we both expect it to go well.

I realized while working on the bathroom sink that probably the hardest adjustment to renting a place will be not doing all my own repairs. It's going to be weird.

Oh, and really, I will answer all the comments people have made recently and and least some of the comments that are older. I know that I'm busy but I also want to be able to respond. (Yes, I know I don't -have- to. I -want- to. No onus given from anyone; no onus accepted.)
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