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America - Bush's Bitch Redux (What you can do.)

Nice comment about the situation:

So, we're going to do a Presumptive Strike with Weapons of Mass Distraction?

I would suggest that everyone write a letter to your congress critter. If you don't know who your congress critter is, you can go to Contacting the Congress and type in your zipcode. It will tell you your senators and your elected politician in the house. (I can at least call mine a Representative but many of you can't.)
The Roll Calls for H J RES 114, "A joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq", are available at the site under Roll Call 455 and at the site under Vote #237.

The best thing to do is to write a letter expressing how you feel about your congress critter voting in the manner which they did. The advice at 'Contacting the Congress' is probably wise:
Can You Give Me Some Hints About Writing an Effective Message to my Congressmember?
When mailing members of Congress (electronically or otherwise), keep in mind to be formal and to the point or your letter may be ignored. Include your ground mail address in the body of the email because most Congressmembers only respond to their constituency. Also, keep in mind this advice from Lawrence Rudner, Director of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation:
Your letter should go to your Senator or Representative and should be no longer than one page; two brief paragraphs are best. Identify yourself, your affiliation, and your major concern in the first paragraph. You should describe why the concern is important and worthwhile in the second paragraph. End with your postal address. Keep it concise!

Another good idea comes from damiana_swan from my journal entry earlier today. I've copied it here:
I'm thinking that about a letter that will go to both Murray and Cantwell, explaining why I think Murray's vote was courageous and right on, and why I'm horribly disappointed in Cantwell's vote--and that as a result I'm including a check in the letter going to Murray, and not in the letter going to Cantwell.
When money talks, politicians listen.
Above all, remain polite. Letters that cuss, foam at the mouth, or are otherwise vitriolic get tossed in the trash without being looked at whatsoever.

Attempting humour, while amusing to you, also will be wasted effort. For example, don't try to emulate torquemada in your letter:
(copied from elynne's journal, here:
'Mister Cheney, I wanna blow up Saddam NOW.'

"No, Georgie, you have to wait till we have something else to cover up."

'But, Mister Cheney, I wanna blow him up NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!'

"Georgie, we have to w-"


"Georgie, if you don't stop, I'm going to take away your booze and coke."

'...*snif* but, bu-but...'
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