Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
Torin/Darren WhoEver

Housewarming - The Ethical Lust Shack (TELS)

The housewarming was a great success and lots of fun. We had enough food; enough ice; enough drinks and even enough beer. It started on time even if I was still out and about getting things. It proceeded through in waves of people some showing up early and leaving early; some showing up early and staying late; some showing up later and staying much later; short visits; long visits. Definitely a wonderful and auspicious start to the house. rhonan and I discussed what the name should be for The New Place and The Ethical Lust Shack or TELS was the one that made on both our short lists. For me, Minos Flirtas made a strong showing but it's not easily abbreviated, so it lost out.
Made a number of new friends from the mixture of groups and solidified friendships that had just been starting out. We had the requisite official response when our nice fire directly upwind of the fire department brought some buff and cute fireman in response to inform us of the burn ban in progress. princessgeek made sure to bring them into the house, supposedly to be sure the fire was being put out but really so that everyone could gander at their buffness. Much fun was also had with the 75 cm exercise ball; many people balancing on it or bouncing on it. It's amazing how distracting that can be. *leer* It contributing to the other requirement for a good party — there was a bit of damage went one of the most popular of the bouncees slid off and pushed some furniture -into- the wall. The damage is rather minor though, ½cm by 3cm or so.
So, much fun and conversation was had. It finally ended by 2.30 or 3a. Thank you to all who graced our place, hopefully we'll see you again soon. I missed those that couldn't show up due to work or other engagements, I expect to see you even sooner.

Tags: house, tels

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