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Rambling about the weekend, tonight, and the car.

There was much, much fun had over the weekend in Long Beach, WA. Well, at least when everyone got there. Having an overturned truck in Nisqually made one couple with two kids take 9 hours to get there. I'm glad they didn't explode. We had plenty of food and plenty of fun. The mosquitoes were a bit much but we were able to cope with them too. There was much more that I was going to say but it's just about sleep time and I've forgotten. It was nice for the car to wait until I was driving locally for it to break down rather than somewhere on 101. Fixed now though.

We played a new game tonight that just came in the mail. Primordial Soup is a wondrous and delightful game that's lots of fun. It was a bit long but it was worth it. I can't give much of a summary since I need sleep. See the review. Unfortunately, it's only a three or four player game but that's only until Autumn when a new expansion comes out.
Tags: games, vacation
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