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Dancing Freely and Traveller (with a little Civ4)

In brief news, I received Civ IV: Beyond the Sword on the 27th of January. But due to a series of fortunate events, I didn't get to play it until Saturday night the 4th. People are still more important than games.

The main purpose of this post though is to talk about something nifty at the Grind. For those that don't know or don't recall, the Grind is a Dance at the Sex Positive Community Center (the WetSpot) featuring Goth/Techno-Industrial music. The dress code is that you must wear clothing if you are near the door where someone that hasn't been admitted yet could see you. The outfits and lack of outfits are really amazing at times. One of the niftier examples recently was this fellow who I've seen there twice. The first time he was wearing a (orange? red?) Fox head, mitts, and tail and this last time he wore a blue Husky head, mitts, and tail. What was really interesting is that he seemed to dance much more freely and smoothly when he was wearing the partial furry suit than when he was dancing without it. It would be different if he never showed himself as who he was outside of the suit. That takes good moxie.

In other news, I'm happy that Traveller might be revitalized. It was the first Science Fiction RPG and it might be able to make a comeback. It's being published by Mongoose Publishing which already does good stuff. I'm looking forward to trying this out.
Tags: civ4, cultural expectations, dancing, rpg
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