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Gaia Consort and an interesting greeting

So, Cindy and I went to see Gaia Consort last night. As always, they were excellent. Hearing The Web always touches me strongly.
Amusingly, when I came in, someone asked, "Are you Torin?" I answered yes. This person then said jadine says hello. It was rather surreal and lots of fun!
I tried taking pictures of the concert and of people dancing but I somehow screwed with the flash setting incorrectly and none of them came out correctly. Oh well.

Unfortunately, we had to leave only an hour into the concert since we need to go to the 'Spot and see the Cabaret show.
One of our friends was doing a strip act - she was very good. She did a highly amusing "dangle eyeglasses from erect nipple" bit even. <*gryn*>
Another of our friends did a magic and juggling act. I'm impressed, this is the third time that I've seen his act and only rather small parts were duplicated. He even plans ahead - he dropped one of the balls and it rolled out of reach under the stage. He had a spare ball on his toy box. I guess that was something he probably learned from hard experience.
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