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Fun with Eris

I was kind of worried that this entry would sound like I'm complaining. But then I remembered that the main person that I'm writing this for is me. And I'm used to complaining to me, so it's alright.

We've been having loads of fun with differing things happening and breaking and joyous activities abounding. Things just keeps happening left, right, center, upways, downways, and others. Whee!

Let's see, it started on the 25th of August at our Movie Night party.

  1. It was noted that our kitchen faucet had gone from just leaking a little to leaking a lot. Wonderful. I have so much fun with plumbing. Thankfully, one of the party guests (David of David & Cat) is an apartment manager and can install it for me
    He did this on Monday. The best way I was able to help him was to stay out of his way and to provide conversation. He installed the Brita extending water faucet with a filter on it. I gave him the old extending water faucet as partial payment.
  2. While taking some folks home from the party, I had made it almost all the way home when as I'm exiting I-5, the Vanagon dies. I try to get it to start again and it goes <clunk>. A rather nice (and cute) Shoreline police officer pushed the car to the closest parking lot at Starbucks. I got a ride back to the party and when the party was over, I went back to wait for AAA.
    It turns out that I threw a rod and broke the block. I find out now that this is common on the water cooled Vanagons. Three different people tell me this. All of them knew I was buying this car, why couldn't they've told me before we bought it?
    It turns out that local place can put a new Sciroco engine into the Vanagon. It's a bit pricey but we're going to do it anyway. It will just take a little bit. Some of the reasons to keep this Vanagon include it having a sun roof that covers about a third of the top.
  3. There was another household thing but since I'm actually writing this in October, I can't remember it anymore.
  4. On Tuesday the 28th, Cobalt the company I work for ended up laying off people and giving those remaining a paycut. Oh, joy, Oh rapture. This of course makes it more difficult to fix up the house and fix up the Vanagon.
  5. That night, I go to reboot because of some weird problems that it is having and I can't get the root disk to come back up. Wheee! SCSI errors galore. Thankfully, I have a spare disk laying around that I had planned for another computer. I reboot a few times to get things in the right state and as I am copying things from the bad disk to the replacement, I notice that I'm not getting any errors. I find this a bit weird and try using the old disk. It works just fine and is continuing to work just fine. SCSI can be a bit odd at times...
  6. Cindy gets served with papers in small claims court involving the accident where Cindy was forced off the road in the minivan. We think he is duping the insurance company and us for repairs to a fence that wasn't done yet.
    The resolution of this was that we paid the money for it. While it was somewhat expensive, it wasn't as bad as it could've been
  7. On the 4th, the night before my technical specification for Gryphon (at Cobalt) is due, my monitor dies. This makes it a bit more difficult to work on. Thankfully, I can ssh in from Cindy's machine and finish it that way.
    See the entry on the 9th of the resolution of this one.
  8. Unfortunately, after finishing the technical spec at home, I don't remember to transfer it to Cobalt. This is no problem, I can access the system from home. Unfortunately, my ISP has many customers that have Windows boxes and were hit with Nimda. So, our connection was slowed and in some cases blocked due to the heaviness of traffic. I did end up get the spec into my manager's hands in appropriate amounts of time.

Well, that is my tale of woe. Since then, things have improved quite a bit. It still sucked though.

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