Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Well, I faced an interesting choice today. I needed to replace the monitor that blew on the 4th. I went to Re-PC to get a replacement since we couldn't really afford a new one. I went in there and they had a nice 17" ViewSonic for only $100. A nice deal. But they also had a 21" for $200. I was very, very tempted. I've wanted a 21" monitor since about 1996. But I knew that we could only spare the $100 because it was necessary not because we had it to spare.

I did end up only buying the 17" monitor even though it hurt to do so. An interesting little bit is that soon after this, both the little and the big turns of luck changed from negative to positive. While I'm rather hesitant to draw conclusions about this, it's interesting considering that I'm a priest of Eris.

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