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A combination that *doesn't* taste good.

Somehow this weekend, I managed to not only have an allergy attack but also get sick.

I was very tired on Friday and decided to cancel everything I was doing on Friday night, Saturday morning/afternoon, and Saturday night. I slept all of Friday and much of Saturday. I had the energy to watch Waking Life on Saturday night but not much else. I'd like to post about Waking Life; we'll see if I do. I slept even more Saturday night with odd dreams and attempts to fall out of bed. I woke up feeling suspended in mid-air and managed to rotate so that I could latch onto the bed. Watching cats has proved useful. I was told that I was very likely not contagious, so I went to d20 Fallout gaming at dustin_00's place. Much fun was had even if I was rather tired. Driving home was a bit difficult; I had to stop after I made it across the 520 bridge and took a nap for 30 minutes. I haven't had to do that for a long, long time. Woke up and drove home; arriving at about 2130 (9.30p) and slept until about 0130. Now I'm doing some work stuff that needs to get done. The chances of having energy for work are currently indeterminate. My throat is still scratchy and I still have little energy.

I'm sure I'll get better but I'm not used to getting sick. I'm sleeping *lots*.
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