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I'm done with being sick (and lighter fare)

I rarely get sick, so I'm a bit confused. Aren't I supposed to be feeling better by now rather than having each erg of energy that I manage to generate be drained away soon afterwards? Blech. This being sick thing sucks, I don't like it.

I made it to work today but left about an hour and a half early. I then spent the next two hours taking a nap in the car. This prepared me for what I did when I got home which was to go upstairs and sleep until about 9.30p.

In a bit lighter note, I took this quiz from loba and lisakit earlier and it told me that I'm a Pixie:
You're a bright ray of sunshine. No matter what the situation, you can turn it around in the oddest fashion and make the most traumatic experiences seem trivial. Friendly and affectionate, you live in the moment.
You can be selfish at time because you don't see all sides of a situation. Your naiveté can also leave you a bit childish in the way you deal with people.
• Energetic• Confusing
• Innocent• Flaky
• Silly• Self-centered
What type of Fae are you?
Tags: leme, sotw
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