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Things I've done lately

I've had a rather vexing day today but rather than complain about that, I thought I'd mention some of the things I've been up to lately.
First is work. We've got a deliverable on the 1st of June. That's making things interesting.

Last week, I went with Conni and the kids of a pizza place and played games at their place. She beat me at Othello and beat both Noah and I at San Juan.

As I posted, I saw Iron Man last Friday. Also played Arkham Horror with the Dunwich Horror expansion both Saturday and Sunday nights. The Sunday night game with John, Christina, Bob, and myself was right down to the wire as to whether we would win or the Ancient One would.

Last night was good social gaming with several games of Nodwick and Red Dragon Inn with bits of Fluxx as filler.

Tonight is the Grind as always.

Going to Fire Ceremony tomorrow night.

Saturday will be seeing Sarah's new place as well as Going to the zoo with Conni and Alex.

And Sunday will be having Mo show up at the airport. Yay! (Oh, and more work.)

I also heard from good friend from my past. This pleases me. I lost contact with too many people while focusing on my own problems.

Ahh. This worked. If I had focused on the vexing bits, I would still be vexed. But I focused on the pleasing things and I'm feeling much happier. Yay!
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