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Well, I don't know if you can really call it a hiatus when I've only put up one entry before this. If you're looking at this from the future, it will look like I did more but that's just because I've gone back and filled in entries where I had something to write.

I can never really tell why I've not written anything. I keep meaning to and I keep thinking of things to say but I never get around to it. I suspect that a large part of it is from the bit of writing phobia that I've got. I see all these other people that write so much better than I do and I feel that I can't measure up to how they write.

I realize that I do write reasonably well. I spell correctly, my grammar works, and my ideas are related to the other ideas around it. I do tend to ramble some though. I know that I have things to say that others might find interesting. Unfortunately, I only know these things in my head. I hasn't penetrated down to my heart or to my hara. I don't grok it.

Eventually, the pressure becomes enough that I start writing again but it can sure take a while. What annoys me more is the inconsistency of it. I'd like to write regularly but I have never been able to keep myself to a schedule. Hmph.

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