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John Varley

So, I've made it a mission to read all the stories in the "The Hugo Winners" series. Eventually, I'd also like to read all the novels too but that's a more far reaching project.

In volume 4 of the Hugo Winners (I started at 4 for some reason), there is a story by John Varley called "The Persistence of Vision". It is the most --------- story that I have ever read. It beats out StarDance for importance in this volume. That's really saying something. I cried while reading the StarDance novella (first 88 pages of the novel).

What is the --------? That's the biggest problem here. I don't know it the most something of any story that I've ever read but I can't tell what that something is. When I lay down on the couch and cover up with the comforter and just think about it, all that comes is a small child holding a blue translucent icosahedron at the center of which is a globe of red glowing with passion. I just told you (and me) what it is about this book and I know less than I did before! There have been many things that I've had to work had at englishing but this is the first time that I remember ever having trouble conceptualizing something.


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