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Aaauuggh! Network connections

So, I found out yesterday why we're having so many difficulties with network connectivity at TELS. It seems that QWest changed the length of our local loop from 13k feet to 18k feet. Considering that a DSL line is 15k feet at the outside, this was causing a lot of problems. The line has been put into "Safe mode" so that the connectivity speed is down but the line is a lot more reliable.

This relates somewhat the net connection at the new place since it is 16040 ft from the CO. Speakeasy tells me that they'll not be able to give me a DSL line there since it is too far. This doesn't make for a happy Torin. I'm thinking that I'll try contacting QWest again to see if they can get me DSL service. Otherwise, I'll have to use Comcast. Definitely not something that I want to do but it's better than -no- high speed network.
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