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Work delight and appreciation

Well, that went well. My left monitor started crackling. I moved back quickly. When nothing happened immediately, I reached over and turned it off. I went over to the helpdesk group and told them that my monitor just died. I mentioned that they didn't need to get to it immediately and that I was going off to lunch. If they couldn't get to it, I had other things that could be done.
Well, I go off to lunch and come back and lo, there is an identical monitor to the one I had before except that this one works. The post-its are even back in the same place.
I was amazed at the speed and I went over to thank them.
They were then amazed that I thanked them; it seems that people don't thank them very often.
I found that a bit confusing. They did an excellent and quick job, why wouldn't I take a little bit of my time out to thank them for a good job. I suspect that the little bit of time expended will pay off in spades if I have another issue in the future.
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