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Now, better than never.

I have constipation of the livejournal. Lots of excuses, best is to just post. I've got a few epic posts that I've been working on but they're not ready; they seem to be serving as the loperamide of the journal.. I'm going to apply a bit of laxative to my writing and maybe a bit will come out. They might just be farts of writing but at least they're writing. Applying these metaphors seems to be the best way to get this out. You have to admit that I'm a bit earthy at times.

I do seem to be a bit depressed today. This surprises me though it might not surprise some of you. I wasn't depressed last Thanksgiving though, so why this one? Part of it might be the pain from my crushed teeth. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Dentist on the 9th. Part of it might be the 2nd; endings are sad even if they're necessary.

Thanks to all of you that have stayed with me even though I've been wildly inconsistent in keeping up. More thanks later, posting now rather than letting this stew and end up never posting like so many other posts.
Tags: lj, thanks
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