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power outage

So, we are without power here in Northgate. The other houses in the area are also dark. Reported this to Seattle City Light about 30 minutes ago. We're still not on the outage line. Someone else has power twelve blocks south on the same cross street. Hmm.

It's been raining a bit hard today and then about 8p, we had a flicker. The about five minutes later, we had two flickers in a row and the power has stayed out so far, thirty-five minutes later…

P.S. Still without power. I'm posting from my G1.

Update: City Light updated the outage line about three minutes after I called. The outage is from 100th to 120th. It was from a power pole fire, presumably from lightning. They say most power should be rerouted within the hour and the pole replaced by midnight.
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