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Sen. Wellstone, in hotly contested Senate seat, killed in plane crash

Well, this is what opposing the war on Iraq and being popular will get you:

From Reuters:
Senator Wellstone Dies in Plane Crash

Senator Wellstone was a very popular, very anti-Iraq War senator. From AlertNet:
Democrat Senator finds anti-war vote does not hurt.

Oh. Just looked at people's comments after getting called away and before posting this. But I'm going to post it anyway to remind me. It seems that a number of people have mentioned this. He is evidently the second Democratic senator in "hotly contested" seats for control of the Senate to die recently.
Normally, I think most conspiracy theories are idiot; they presume too much organization and secrets, none of which can leak.
But based on past behaviour of this administration with the Patriot Act and locking people up without trials or a lawyer, I can't be so sure...

Maybe we can have a repeat of Ashcroft's election and Wellstone will be elected anyway...

[edit] I forgot to mention that immediately below this article was a link reading 'Cheney, frequent flyer'.
Someone at CNN has an ironic sense of humour.
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