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In this hour that doesn't exist

In this hour that doesn't exist, I wanted to post a story from The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin by Idries Shah.

Nasrudin was chalking a slogan on a wall in London one day. Stopped by the police he acted in such a strange way that he was handed over to the health authorities, certified insane and sent to an asylum.

The asylum was full of dangerous lunatics. When he was pushing into the courtyard of the institution, the inmates crowded him with many a shout and a scream.

He took his piece of chalk from his pocket. 'Stand back, everyone!' he shouted.

Surprised, the lunatics obeyed.

Nasrudin divided them into two teams, then drew a chalk line on the concrete between them.

'Now', he said, 'all of you jump under that. The first man under wins.'

There were terrible casualties as the teams dashed themselves again and again at the line.

Nasrudin was released. Nobody was quite sure whether it was because of the injuries of the inmates, or because of his resourcefulness with the chalk.

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