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Thoughts of myself as a Writer

I was talking to jenk on Thursday at the Grind. I asked her if she was going to participate in NaNoWriMo. She said that she needed to finish her current novel first since it was due soon and she wants to get feedback from the folks at the writers conference in Vancouver that saw the beginnings of it. She asked me if I was going to participate. I told her that writing fiction is not something I'm good at or even am that interested in developing at that time.

I've thought about that and what that means. A really significant number of my friends write fiction. But I don't. I think that the major part of it for me is that I have no stories burgeoning inside of me wanting to get out. To me, an author writes because they have stories inside them needing to get out. In much of the fiction that I like, the author describes the writing process as the characters doing the writing with the author along for the ride. Well, I don't have those. I have ideas that need to be expressed and events happen that I want to convey to others but I don't have my own stories to tell.

So, originally, in all the places that you see author, I had originally put writer. The jury is still out on whether or not I am a writer. If a writer is simply one who writes, then I am one. But I am not an author.

Note: I am not looking for reassurances of being a writer or an author in this piece. If you'd like to comment, I'd prefer discussing what makes an author or a writer. Why you do or do not write or author stories.
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