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Me and Coughing

My throat and lungs have been unhappy with me since the 13th of October. At first, I just thought it was a normal post-nasal drip thing and it would clear up quickly. Those normally last two days and I'm healed from the problem in 2-3 more. Well, when a week went by and it didn't get any better, so even though all the signs were there, I went to the doctor to find out if I had caught something. The likeliness of this was low since I generally don't catch things and cindygerb catches everything. Well, I went there and they gave me Albuterol and Clarinex. The Clarinex is Claritin with a new delivery method from the pill that I don't remember. It did nothing. I'm continuing to use CTM. The interesting bit was the the Albuterol actually made my throat worse. When I went back to the doc three days later, she said that wasn't possible, so I like a fool tried again. The wheeze that was gone came back. In the meantime, the lab called and said they found no viruses or bacteria that shouldn't be there.

So, I'm going along, knowing that it's allergies but not knowing how to deal with it. Anything that gets me breathing hard makes me cough. Any compression of the lung cavity makes me cough. Stretching my neck backwards when I stretch makes me cough. Coughing is waking me up at night, so I'm not getting much sleep. The worst problem is that I can't participate in horizontal aerobics since that would make me breath hard and coughing is not conducive to fucking. We've tried twice with moderate success but I was doing better then.

Around the beginning of last week, my coughs starting becoming productive but at the same time, they stopped going away for a several hours. I also started coughing hard enough to have debilitating headaches. I've found that I'm actually doing mostly okay if I can stop to cough and I don't get headaches. It's that last part that's been laying me even lower. These headaches are throbbing and are making me even more light sensitive than I already am. It's bad enough that I can't deal with the chandelier lights in our dining room if I have a headache.

This was bad enough that I decided that I need a pulmonologist. I found a few and the best selection seemed to be at Harborview. So, I made an appointment for the 8th at 12.45p. They're having me come in early for X-Rays. A little bit after I set this up, I thought seeing an ENT might be a better idea since it does seem to be my throat affecting my lungs. But then, Cindy wisely pointed out that it was the compression of my chest that causes the cough. So, a pulmonologist it is. Anybody have a new respiratory system installation kit they'd be willing to part with?

The positive parts of this cough are:
  1. My stomach muscles are being strengthened alot.
  2. I'm drinking from 6 to 7 liters of water a day. There are times that I want to put in for bladder extension surgery.
    it's a joke, why do so many people think I'm actually serious here?
  3. Even though I am pretty good at not lifting with my back already, this is teaching me even more since lifting with the back of course necessitates the compression of the chest.
  4. I'm breathing though my nose more.

Unfortunately, the coughing at night and the headaches means that I'm spending less time at the computer and less time awake. So, lately LJ has been a write-only medium for me. Sorry for all the comments I didn't make. :)
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