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I was thinking of calling in to work nauseated. I really like what a friend of mine, damiana_swan said:
I have a few friends that I love dearly, who have an unfortunate habit of occasionally doing things that are really stupid, self-destructive, and annoying to the point of being obnoxious. That's pretty much how I feel about the good old US of A this morning. I still love her, but damn I wish she'd get her head on straight!

What are people thinking? Do they actually think the current politicians reflect their interests? Have they completely bought into the media message that they are powerless and can't change anything? Haven't they noticed what happened to the economy with the current power junta?
I mean what sort of palmetto bug excrecence elected Katherine 'Here have a bundled election' Harris to a House seat?

Gee, they didn't count all the absentee ballot votes for the assassinated Senator Wellstone as counting towards Mondale. So, absentee voters had six days to get a new ballot, fill it out, and mail it in again. Gee, what could've happened there?

So, Chambliss, who skipped out on the Vietnam war told Cleland, a paraplegic Vietnam veteran, that Senator Cleland is obviously less committed to national security. After all, he went off to a war, leaving the country, while Chambliss stayed right here in the US making sure that our stockpile of booze didn't grow too high.

I'd really, really like it if our new government took a personal interest in all those people that didn't vote in this last election. What prats...

So, at least our duly appointed, his masters, and their cronies won't have anyone else to blame when things go further to hell in the next two years.

I wonder what will come up next year after the idiots have control of the Supremes as well. Roe, Roe, Roe your boat. It's got a leak. Wade to shore.

Damn. I can't write worth anything in this entry. I just want to spew expletives and that won't accomplish anything. Not much will. Ashcroft.
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