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Incompetence in mailhosting...

Note that I originally kept the mailhost company off of here to protect the guilty but they're just too much...

I had a friend of mine that wanted a mailhosting outfit to handle the mail for his business - himself and a few others. He signed up with as a mailhost and then afterwards, he went and asked me if they were any good...
Oops. I wouldn't trust these people to host their own mail much less my own.
Where should I begin?
  1. In all their clients they have one mx host for all of their hosted domains.

  2. This one mx host doesn't have an ptr record pointing back to the hostname.

  3. 'Course this might be because they don't actually do the real hosting but hand that off to another company -

  4. When you connect to this host, it shows up as The amusing thing here is that such a host doesn't exist in the DNS. ('s mx is

  5. The mx record comes out a Unfortunately, that host doesn't have an mx record itself. Oops. ( doesn't have an mx record either.)

  6. Finally, I now see why places like AOL completely ignore SOA expiry values. It's for idiot companies that have soa value like the following:
    host -t soa (or SOA (
                    56 serial (version)
                    60 ;refresh period (1 minute)
                    60 ;retry interval (1 minute)
                    60 ;expire time (1 minute)
                    60 ;default ttl (1 minute)
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