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Visit to the Pulmonologist

There was enough amusement at the doctor's appt on Friday that I decided to write this a story of highlights rather than just a report on my diagnosis.

First I went to Registration. The Poor Registration person sits at a pedestrian nexus and so gets lots of questions that are completely unrelated to registration. The waiting line for Registration is very non-obvious and so people kept coming up to wait, sometimes very loudly, and she had to tell them to wait in line. The info system she had kept having her enter information several times. Then she had to enter it all into another system. I felt sorry for her.

I then went up to radiology and they'd never heard of me. I tell them that Theresa is the person who scheduled me for the X-Ray. Unfortunately, this was bad information since Theresa was the name of the radiology desk supervisor. I finally got them to ask for Theresa in Pulmonology. Well, she wasn't there and they were rather busy. Could the radiology fellow call back in five minutes?
At this point, I decided that going to the bathroom was a good idea. While there, the phone rang and I didn't get it in time. Someone left a message, so I figured I'd get it when I had time.
I went back to the radiology desk and they told me that I needed to be in the 4th level, east hospital. I thought this a bit weird but I went anyway. I got there and they were confused as well. It seems that I was the wrong person. Oops.
So, I gave up on radiology and went to the pulmonology clinic.

Once at the pulmonology clinic, I was told that they didn't understand why I was told to go to radiology first since they didn't have any record of me needing to do so. It was 12.05p now and they told me that I would need to wait for my appt time.
so, I took the message on the phone. it was a recruiter in Toronto asking me if I wanted to relocate and manage a Perl and PHP team doing "Internet Marketing". I'm not moving from Seattle, I moved enough as an Army brat. But I was still amused and wondering if phantom_wolfboy knows about them.

This had taken five minutes so I still had 35 minutes to my appt. i was getting on an elevator going down when I heard my name. I went over to the desk and they were ready to take my vitals already. After that, I didn't wait very long before the doctor and an intern came in. He asked me many, many questions, some of which I didn't understand the relevance of. I was sent off for tests and lung function. I came off as testing about average for an adult male. Which means for me, I was doing really, really sucky. Part of it of course was designed for people that don't breath right and only use the top of their lungs. The way they were having me do it was stupid. Another part was that they gave me nebulized albuterol.

So, finally, the doctor told me that they had narrowed it down to four suspects:
  1. I was having my lungs over-react to something viral even if I didn't seem sick. This could take up to six weeks to go away.
  2. I had actually developed a mild asthma due to the massive amounts of mold in the air.
  3. I had acid reflux and some of it was going into my lungs.
  4. If acid goes into the base of the esophagus, then the bronchial tubes could also spasm due to a shared nerve cluster.

So, I'm taking Fluticasone twice a day to try to deal with the the first two symptoms. It will take a few days to a week to really have an effect. I'm supposed to go back if either a) it has no effect after two weeks, or b) I finish the medicine after a month and the cough comes back. Then we'l l try something else.

I was really impressed with this doctor. He actually treated me like a thinking adult that knew how I felt and what my symptoms were. He even gave me the card of the patient care coordinator for the pulmonary clinic in case I needed to come back, I wouldn't have to go through the main reservation line. Then he gave me his card in case I had any problems or I couldn't go through the patient care coordinator.

So, the doctor then takes me to the pulmonology pharmacy where they have lung drugs. They tell me that they'll call me when the prescription is ready. The pharmacist then comes out a bit later and actually fully demonstrates how to use the inhaler and the spacer. He answered all my questions and told me more than I strictly needed to know. I liked him. :)

So, now, I've taken the Fluticasone for three days and I haven't seen any effect yet. It's still too early but I'm expecting a result. It will be nice to go up a flight of stair without being dizzy at the end. it would be nice not to cough myself awake. It would be nice to be able to make love to cindygerb for a reasonable amount of time.

I'll tell everyone when/if anything happens with regards to the steroid.
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