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Manifest your wonder

I give compliments to some folks and I get told, "Oh, stop" and "I'm just me".
That's the fantastic part about it — you're you. Why would I want you to be someone else?
It sometimes seems like these people are saying that I don't really mean it.

We're inundated with messages telling us we should fit in that we shouldn't stand out that we are just average. How dare we belittle everyone else by saying that we are in any way better than they are?

What utter bullshit. It's just another message trying to get you to believe that the chains holding you down exist. Grab those parts of you that are fantastic and fly with them. There are plenty of people that are quite willing to point out your flaws. Let 'em. They're just jealous of the delicious magnificence that you are.

I make no statements about what you should believe. I simply ask that you accept that I believe in the wondrous manifestation that you are.

Love you and everyone to whom this applies.

Do you think it applies to you? Well then. I guess it does.
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