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A collection of nifty things...

A collection of nifty links:

The Jägermonsters have their own webcomic: Jägermonster Barracks.

The slogan generator seems to only generate vaguely sexual food-references:
(thanks to chicagojo)
Torin. It's what's for dinner.
Torin-Lickin' Good
Have you forgotten how good Torin tastes?

I got less food references with Wolfieboy:
Any Time, Any Place, Wolfieboy
I Think, Therefore Wolfieboy <==== I like this one. :)
And All Because The Lady Loves Wolfieboy.
Time to make the Wolfieboy...

My utter delight award goes to the Muppet Tarot
(thanks to ariedana)

The Tony Blair figure here is scary:
(thanks to metaphorge)
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