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Broken computer

Well, I'm a touch frustrated. I needed to pull some information off of a disconnected scsi drive. I thought that this shouldn't be much of a big deal. I'll just shutdown trisul, my X-Windows box; attach the drive; copy the data off; disconnect the drive; and come back up fully again.
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

Once I shut trisul down, nothing I did would make it come up again. I knew that the system was getting power since the idiot light on the newer ATX boards that say "hey, I have power even though I'm turned off" was lit. I checked the connection on the power switch. I tried a different power switch. I tried disconnecting everything but the video card and one drive. I tried swapping out the memory. Nothing
Needless to say, I found this rather disconcerting, frustrating, and annoying. I did have another box that I was building to put backups and monitoring on their own host. I moved the cards and drives that were in trisul to this box and rebooted. It worked. I copied the needed data off and it is currently running as trisul.

Annoyed aside: I used to be able to X box to mean X-Windows box and people would know what I meant or go "huh?"
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