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Just another reason

Well, that's just another reason that I will never be a marketer...

At our company meeting today, the head marketer talked about the vision statement and about how we are trying to lock our customers into our company by creating switching costs and erecting barriers to entry.
I find that rather unpalatable. I'd prefer to excel through service, quality of product, and robustness of platform. In a sense, having a multiply redundant network with 24x7 monitoring is a barrier to entry but it is something that is inherent to the product rather than something that is designed in.
I just find the idea of specifically designed software to act against our competitors rather than for our clients to be vaguely unethical. It's possible that we might just be doing the second and having the first incidentally happen. I might just be looking at certain large software companies that deploy these tactics and not wanting to be like them.
Pfeh. I understand that in many ways, these tactics are defensive; especially for a smallish company. But it doesn't mean that I have to like it.

A point in marketing's favor and a reason that I still study marketing:
The marketing guy also talked about allowing our clients to succeed by our product's success. By this he was talking about how when the client contact chooses our product, s/he is taking a possibly job-ending risk on our product succeeding. If it fails miserably, s/he loses face and possibly their job. If it succeeds wildly, they get promoted.
I like points like this and this helps me remember that marketers aren't evil...
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