Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Posts that I need to do...

Well, while waiting for my inhaler at the pharmacy, I made a list of the posts I need to do. This is mostly for my reference but also if I put it here, there is a more likely chance that I'll actually do them.

Short posts
add height/width tags to images
disturbed by my bias against the overly skinny
not having weekends with Cindy

posts from the past:
sar's birthday party (mention understanding poly but not promiscuity, mention sar's pizza outfit)
thanksgiving (mention adorable sharks, no political discussion)

longer posts:
recovering centering. about 85-90% there
list of my turn-ons
the bumper stickers and the shirt
about poly and commitment

long-term posts that will take a while to do:
comment on friends without names
what does each of my interests mean
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