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Joyous fun with the Element of Water

Last night, I went downstairs to get a Turkey Ham and got a bit of a surprise. I was greeted by 3.5 cm of water. Oops. In investigating, I found out that the pump or the actuator for our sump pump has died. Nothing that I seem to do fixes it.

Right now, I'm veryveryveryvery happy that our palette and a half of books that we haven't put out are up on palettes. Whew. That would've sucked badly.

So, I call up Home Depot (yeah, soul sucking chain but not a soul sucking chain with no products and no service, i.e. Lowes) to make sure they have a pump to get rid of the water. With the amount of flooding going on, I wasn't sure that there would be any available. They had two types, so off I went. I got there right at 9p and I'm told the tool rental place is closed. I walk down there and mention that I'd talked to someone on the phone. Thankfully it was this guy and he re-opened his till to let me rent a pump. We still could've bought one but $19 is much nicer than $99 plus tax. Take it home, it sucks up all the water and even all the water in the sump pit. It's filled up a again since then but we have it until Monday, so that's okay.

After a little mopping, the basement is a bit cleaner, tools on the floor dried, the clothes on the floor in the wash, and we're set.
No damage to anything. The only thing that we missed was going to a friends Birthday Party at the Spot last night. That seems to be a trend lately...

Now, I need to call Aurora Plumbing and get in their queue of people that need work done since there is no way I'm going to try to replace a pump.
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