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"Going with the flow"

I always move from the path that seems to most flow with the river of my life. I do what feels, intuitively, like the most appropriate path from wherever I am at the moment. This can change from moment to moment, but there is always a path. [1]
It feels right now like any action that I take will be the wrong action. I feel like I am at a point of stasis from which any motion will set me tumbling or in some other way set me to be counter against the very flow that I need to be most resonant with. My lesson here might be that I need to do *nothing*. But I don't think I'm ready for that lesson right now. I feel a need to know that what I do is the appropriate thing to do not that whatever I do is going to be highly disharmonic.

[1] I never work from a rational basis.
If I decide what goal needs to be reached and figure out what I need to do to get there, nothing works. There's no better way to screw myself over than this.
If, on the other hand, I have a goal in mind and either fix it there and forget about it or keep it present but not strived for. Then I feel about me and notice what action will best fit into the corrugated puzzle that is my life. I follow that action and repeat. I have many goals and many actions.
I've gone through and used the scientific hypothesis to figure out which of these works better. The rational basis can get me to the goal I want but inflicts much pain on the way and sometimes I find that the goal that I reached was not really what I wanted. The intuitive basis still can inflict pain but where I end up has always been either where I aimed for or in a much better location than I had originally thought of.
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