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Just to let folks know, I'm healthy and okay and those close to me are healthy.

A short summary of the reason for my post about Eris is that I'm an idealist. I think that any problem that the Universe/Eris/God gives you, there should be n answers where n >= 1. It shouldn't be unresolvable.

I don't think things are as unresolvable as I did on Thursday but they certainly don't look rosy.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and we still had a grand and enjoyable birthday/solstice/birthday party last night/this morning. Mmm. Snaps.

I'm sorry that I'm not providing details but the details will take several hours to write and I'm about to be picked up by Khan and byrdie.

I leave you with this bit of humour. The comments from the birthday message from ariedana was very, very cathartic. (Thank you btw.) I was laughing so hard that tears were coming to my eyes. I was on the edge of sobbing from reading it. No one else will find it as funny as I do. But everyone will appreciate YAE of God is an Iron.
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