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I wanted to post about the different kinds of love that I feel as I interact with the world.

There is the love of wonder that is each person in the world. All that is is Deity and Myself. I can't help but love myself and each person is a part of myself.

Then there is the love that I have for my friends. If I can call you friend, then you are more directly a part of my world. I am coming to appreciate that part of you that makes you unique. If I call you friend, then there is something special, something magical about you that is unlike anyone else. I love that part of you that makes the world a more delightful and interesting place.

As I get to know you more intimately; as I get to know you for a longer period of time, I come to appreciate more of you and I delight in all the many and varied ways that you have created yourself. I love your foibles and faults and well as your perfections and talents. For all of these things have made up the wonder that is you.
It is at this point that I can casually say 'I love you' while chatting on the phone or saying goodbye. I expect that such people may or may not fade into or out of my life at times but that I will know them my entire life.

I've found that there are very few people that I can ever say I love you in the soulful way that I say it to Cindy (cindygerb) that means 'you are my heart and my soul, never let us part'. I'm very happy with what I've got and I'm not going to form such connections in the future.
For this kind of connection seems to always be presaged by a strong energic connection when I meet them that allows both of us to be very quickly intimate with each other. Such a person has a connection into my soul and as time goes by, they become more and more enmeshed into the totality of who I am.
Such a connection means that I start planning this person into my life in the far future. I make plans 10–20–30 years down the road and I make sure there are plans for this person there as well.
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