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Honesty as a weapon

Two of my friends have had recent posts about Honesty vs. Tact. This is something that I struggle with much of the time. Where does the line for Honesty end the line for brutality begin? Where does the line for Tact end and the line for hiding information begin?

As I went through middle school, high school, and even some of college, Honesty was used as a weapon. A number of kids would be brutally honest in a way that was as effective as hitting me over the head with a club or they would say something that would sweep my feet out from under me. This wasn't kids not knowing where the line was. It was outright maliciousness. And then, they had the fucking gall to generally be all self-righteous about it.

I think there have been times where I've strayed too far on the line of Tact though. Cindy and I are working together to fix this.

I've resisted posting this because a little voice inside of me keeps telling me that if I do post it, people are going to start questioning whether what I tell them is everything or I'm just being "tactful" to them. But as I've stated before, I must choose love over fear and I offer this post to you.
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